Dealing with skin rash - Prescribed medicines VS natural remedies

Prescribed medicines VS natural remedies

A skin rash is a medical condition that changes the complexion and the texture of your skin. Common symptoms include swelling, sore lumps, red plaques and even fever. Prevalent skin ailments include allergies and hives, which are overreactions of your immune system to external factors in nature.

Most of the infectious outbreaks on your body can easily be treated with medicines prescribed by your physician. However, before applying for a doctor’s appointment, you might want to try a highly efficient natural remedy from

What causes skin rashes?

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, skin rashes are caused by chemical mediators found in food, animal hair, plants and even medical drugs. When your immune system suspects that you have come in contact with a possibly poisonous compound, it releases a lot of histamines to eliminate the threat. One of the immediate effects of this biological process is the spreading of hives or red, itching blotches on your skin.

The perfect remedy for this medical condition is to use a product that can diminish the level of histamines in your blood. OxyHives is a 100% natural product rich in antihistamines that bring balance to your immune system from the very first application. More than that, its potent mix of plant extracts soothes the burning sensation and alleviates the pain produced by the spreading plaques.

Are prescribed medicines safe?

When you suffer from hives or skin rashes, you should treat them with patience and caution. The excess of histamines in your blood signals an adverse reaction to a certain allergen. While your initial response would be to use the first prescribed drugs that you find in the medicine cabinet, you should avoid exacerbating your condition. The synthetic chemicals found in Pharmaceutics can quickly enhance the allergic reaction, and worsen your health even further.

The first thing that you should do to get rid of urticaria is to use a natural remedy like OxyHives. This over-the-counter drug is chemical-free and has no adverse side effects for your wellness. On the contrary, constant applications can reduce the expansion of hives and restore your natural skin complexion in just a few weeks.

Deal with urticaria naturally

Urticaria is a medical condition that comes in two forms of infection. Acute urticaria is a natural reaction to certain foods or animal hair. If left untreated, this illness can cover your body with red, itching welts for up to six weeks. However, if you use an all-organic remedy for skin rashes like OxyHives, you can get rid of the sore lumps and flaming wheals in less than a month.

Chronic urticaria covers the skin in red lumps and welts for more than just six weeks. In fact, without a powerful treatment for hives, you can experience adverse symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and fever for a long time. Fortunately, you can treat your skin rash with an alternative solution like OxyHives. Contrary to prescribed medicines, this natural remedy cures your epidermis outbreak quickly, and without using any chemicals that could aggravate your condition.