Top 5 common health concerns of the summer

health concerns of the summer

Summer is the season of leisure and relaxation when time passes slowly and the cold days of winter are long forgotten. However, this heavenly image of the hot season can quickly be shattered by an unexpected illness. There are hundreds of summer ailments that you could suffer from, but these five common concerns are best to be avoided:

Skin rashes

Allergic reactions to food, animal hair or medication can leave you with a bad case of urticaria. This medical condition, also known as hives affects your skin with itching welts, red bumps, and burning eruptions. Most people suffer from skin rashes during the hot summer months when it is easier to come in contact with allergens. Some individuals contact the acute form of the illness, which lasts less than six months. Less fortunate people develop chronic urticaria, a condition that may last well into the cold season, and which is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and high fever.

The best way to prevent and cure hives is to use a natural remedy for urticaria that has no chemical additives in its composition. Most of these products are over-the-counter drugs that cure your welts without the need for a doctor's appointment. Furthermore, alternative medicine also saves you money because it costs less than prescribed medication.

Hay Fever and allergies

Almost 75% of the world population contracts hay fever at least once in their lifetime. This medical condition caused by allergic reactions to pollen hits individuals mainly during the hot summer days. Children get hay fever easier than adults because their immunity is not yet fully developed.

The ideal treatment for this ailment is a natural remedy rich in antihistamines. If you know that your family is susceptible to this form of allergy, you should keep an all-organic cure on hand and use it as soon as you notice the first hives and sweating episodes caused by hay fever.


People with respiratory problems don’t always welcome summer with their arms wide open. Episodes of sneezing, heavy breathing and watery eyes are common for asthmatic individuals. The main factors that trigger allergy-like symptoms are high humidity and too much time spent outside in the sun. As it is the case with skin rashes and hay fever, keeping natural medication and inhalers handy can prevent asthma from ruining a perfect sunny summer day.


Lying all day on the beach is every honest worker’s dream as soon as summer comes knocking at the door. Unfortunately, extensive sunbathing can lead to severe sunburns, skin rashes, and red, itchy plaques. These conditions are catalysts for urticaria and even skin cancer. To maintain the health of your skin and get a nice tan at the same time, you should use screen lotion when going to the beach. Also, having a powerful remedy for hives on hand will rapidly cure any welts that might erupt on unprotected body areas.


Skin rashes are not the only dangers caused by too much exposure to the sun. Heatstroke is a condition that affects people who spend too much time under the hot summer sun. This medical condition raises the body temperature over 104 F (40 C), and it requires immediate medical treatment. Once you recover from heatstroke, you should alleviate your pain with natural remedies rich in herbal extracts and organic compounds.