Privacy policy

Working with private data is done in two ways: either manual or automatic, in a strict and secure environment, to ensure privacy at the highest levels.


  • Personal data: any information about a person, whether is holding an identidy or can be identified, direct or collateral, particularly by referring to an ID number or some other factors, like physical, physiological, spiritual, economic, cultural or social features.
  • Agreement: the formal understanding between Caribou Memorial and the persons which data will be processed, always clear and unequivocally.
  • Protection and security level or processing data: the security level is proportional with the risk taken, adequate to the legal requirements eloborated by the supervision authority.
  • Processing of personal data: any operation or set of operations done to process data, by any means - manual or automatic -, like collecting information, saving, organizing, adapting or modifying, extracting, consulting, combining or segregating, blocking, deleting or destroying data.
  • Operator: any entity, personal or legal, including public authorities, institution or their regional structures, able to establish the purpose or means of processing data.
  • User: any person interacting under the operator's jurisdiction, on the website.

Outlines of processing personal data


Personal data are processed in good faith, according to governing laws.

Determined purpose

Any process involved in working with private data is done based on a known final goal, explicite and implicite, adequate, pertinent and without excess.