In United states, tens of thousands of seniors have to fight yearly not only against medical conditions and ridiculously low incomes but also against... oblivion. The apathy our society members have shown towards the oldest of us made the social services incapable of adapting to their needs. The aging process our society is going through, together with its root structural changes, have produced the largest social exclusion our civilization has ever seen.

Bearing this in mind, here are the consequences, on a large scale:

  • the occurrence of new diseases or worsening previous ones;
  • diminution or lacking activities in their daily routine;
  • mental forfeit towards the future;
  • insecurity;
  • financial issues;
  • isolation on all levels.

Some of us are parents, some are sons and daughters, some others are even grandfathers with no such existential problems, but we all acknowledged society's needs for help. Therefore we have started this program, to fight for human dignity, by leveling up elders' quality of life, as much as we can. Our instruments are the relationships we've created among us throughout time, trying to involve other people as well to fight for the same cause.

We are now able to offer:

  • moral support, by simply paying attention to their needs, discussing, getting involved in fun activities;
  • logistic support, like helping them shop around for healthier or cheaper food;
  • real support, like taking them to the doctor;
  • material support, whenever is possible.

We could have never achieved all this without volunteers. That's why we administrate and communicate as effectively as possible with and between the volunteers, creating new programs and organizing old ones for the months to come. Our teams meet on a monthly, even weekly basis, based on the schedule proposed by team leaders. We believe in ourselves, and we believe in you joining us!

Fill the form and start showing compassion. Treat our elders the same way you will want to be treated in your later days.