What Are the Treatment Options for Nail Fungus?

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Even though nail fungus is not a life-threatening problem, it causes pain and should be treated at the earliest opportunity. The foul smell caused by the problem is disgusting and can make one feel uncomfortable. If it is not treated quickly, nail fungus can worsen, and thus it should be dealt with as soon as it is discovered.


One of the treatment options that could be considered is ZetaClear. It is a two-step method that can be used to treat nail fungus infection. It treats active nail fungus and could be used to prevent future nail fungus infections. It gives better results if after treatment the nail is covered with a bandage. Covering it speeds up the healing process since it gives the affected area a lot of time to moisten and the chance to remain undisturbed. ZetaClear contains powerful ingredients from jojoba oil, Almond oil, and clove oil, supplement E oil, Lemongrass and tree oil.

Use of homemade remedy

It is one of the treatment options that many people resort to as soon as they discover that they have a nail fungal infection. Rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, tea tree oil and bleach are among the compounds that people use to treat nail fungus at home. These ingredients should be used twice a day, and it may take up to one year before you get the desired results. The problem with using these products is that the effectiveness is less than 30 % and it may take longer before you get the desired results. This is why ZetaClear comes in. It is formulated to deal with nail fungus and will give the desired results much faster.

Oral medication

It is another treatment option for nail fungus that entails taking prescribed tablets for three months. Unfortunately, this option only guarantees 75% results. Also, the patient runs a real risk of contracting kidney, blood cells, and liver problems. In most cases, this option results in damaging one of the body organs. It is for this reasons that it is recommended that the patient is subjected to pre-treatment checks, during treatment and complete treatment tests to determine the functioning of the organs. Also, the medicine can only be prescribed after carrying out laboratory examination of nail samples.

Laser therapy and thickness reduction

It is the latest fungus nail treatment option that is performed by passing laser light through and over the nail to kill the fungus. The light passes through the skin to destroy and kill the fungus. This option is becoming popular since it can be done a thousand times without exposing one to side effects. The method does not entail the use of injections, pills and does not require the patient to go through tests of any kind. This treatment option is considered to be 88% effective because no fungus can effectively resist the wavelength. However, the treatment option could fail in cases of the damaged nail plate, severe fungus injection, genetics and poor circulation.